Roaches enter buildings in search of water, food, and shelter and are found within homes quite often. Once inside, they reproduce quickly. Because a single female can lay hundreds of eggs, what starts out as a small problem quickly becomes a much larger one. Roaches are dirty pests that carry bacteria linked to food poisoning, diarrhea, and disease and can even trigger allergic reactions in some individuals. For these reasons and more, measures should be taken to kill these pests as soon as they are spotted.

The best plan should begin with determining the areas where the cockroaches are hiding so that treatments can be focused at these locations. This is also important as different types of roaches prefer different locations. Some are strongly attracted to sources of water and will be found near sinks or in bathrooms. Others are more likely to be found elsewhere. Knowing species will help, but there are other methods that can be used without this information.

Begin with a visual inspection of any suspect areas by looking under sinks, in the corners of closets, in bathroom cabinets, or behind refrigerators. In addition to live insects, roach carcasses, feces, and egg casings also help identify their presence. Based on what is found, glue strips can be placed in various locations and can confirm whether or not there are a lot of cockroaches nearby.

In key locations where roach presence is known, place bait gels, borax, or bait stations. These are very effective, especially when used as a combined treatment method. However, keep in mind that they will result in a lot of dead insects around your home as well as bait traps and residual borax on the floors. Care must be taken so that these do not wind up in the hands or paws of family.

Things such as roach foggers or bombs can also be used but may not get far enough into areas where cockroaches are located. These may, therefore, kill the closest insects but will leave their further away nests intact. Because there can be up to thousands of cockroaches in a home, eliminating just a portion of them will not ultimately be helpful. Treating only some may, in fact, result in an infestation changing its main location. Also, if used incorrectly these treatments can be dangerous.

Further, keep in mind that if you attempt to try a home remedy alternative treatment, it may or may not ultimately be effective. It can appear to work at first, only to have cockroach populations make a comeback soon after. Other substances used in alternative treatments could be harmful as they are not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for wide dispersal inside of a home. It is important to err on the side of caution when treating cockroach infestations.

Professional pest control methods can safely eradicate cockroaches within a home. They are proven to be effective, unlike alternative approaches, and are not dangerous like cockroach bombs when used incorrectly. Professionals will also know how to identify species and more easily determine their location as well as the best treatment type for each specific circumstance.