A weed by any other name would still be a pain! Let our weed control services free you from those pesky weeds at your Auburndale home.

Weed Control Services in Auburndale, Florida
Have you ever wondered that since weeds grow so much more easily than plants we eat, perhaps we’re eating the wrong things? Here at Total Pest Solutions, we’ve wondered about that for more than a decade while providing quality weed control services for homes and businesses in the Auburndale, Florida area. Of course, if they were edible, our services wouldn’t be in much demand, so we won’t complain too much.

The trick is eliminating weeds without harming the other plants in your landscaping. We have mastered that with weed control products that target the weeds while being safe around your family and pets. We use products that are effective for the types of weeds inherent to our climate and growing conditions. We take precautionary measures so the weeds do not resurface. It’s odd that they’ll do that when your poor dead tomato plant won’t! But, that’s what weeds do, so our weed control services must be smarter and more persistent to deal with it.

If you are tired of weeding your landscaping beds only to have the persistent weeds sprout back up in just a day or two, call on us. We can come out to assess the situation and provide you with an action plan for weed control services that will free you up to do more enjoyable outdoor activities, like try your hand again at a new tomato plant.

If you have any questions about our weed control services, other landscaping services or pest control services, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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