If you want to better enjoy the outdoors at your Auburndale home, call us about our effective mosquito control services.

Mosquito Control in Auburndale, FloridaIt would be a wonderful thing if local mosquito control efforts were more effective, but it is pretty hard for even the professionals to keep up when mosquitos are at their worst. You can take the bull by the horns and add a second layer of protection by calling us at Total Pest Solutions and asking about our mosquito control services.

Mosquitos are tied to a number of unpleasant illnesses, and just dealing with the itching of their bites is reason enough to try to avoid the experience. Our mosquito control services can be quite effective at diminishing their numbers by disrupting the life cycle, so you don’t feel like your family is in danger of being carried off by a swarm of mosquitos.

In addition to our efforts to reduce mosquito numbers, we will also advise you of any circumstances we see at your Auburndale, Florida home that could be helping them in their efforts to repopulate. For example, standing water is one of the most common contributors to an increase in mosquito numbers.

You can count on us for effective and noninvasive pest control services that are people and pet-friendly, but not so friendly to the pests that bug you. Keep your family safe with our preventative mosquito control services, so they can enjoy being outside and have confidence they won’t be part of the mosquito life cycle through a donation of their blood. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Total Pest Solutions offers quality mosquito control in Polk County, Florida and the surrounding areas including Lakeland, Lake Alfred, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Bartow, Haines City & Davenport, FL!