We offer ant control services that will keep your Lake Alfred, FL home free from these pesky insects.

Ant ControlAnt Control in Lake Alfred – When you see a couple of ants in your home, you might think that a simple spray or vacuum of these pests is enough, but unfortunately, the colony is probably nearby. Ants tend to travel in large groups, so when they make an appearance in your home, it is a sign that you need to bring in pest control experts to control them. At Total Pest Solutions, we offer ant control services that will keep your home free from these pesky insects. Not only are ants an annoyance, but some types can also bite and cause irritation to family members and pets within the home.

In Lake Alfred, Florida, the humidity and warm weather cause ants to want to go indoors to get away from the heat. Ants tend to look for places where food and water are readily available, so you can take a few simple steps to try to prevent ants from coming into the space. Keep pet food in sealed containers and don’t leave it out for free-feeding, as this is appealing to ant colonies. After you finish preparing meals for your family, wipe down the counters and put food away in the refrigerator or cupboards in sealed containers, as well.

If you still have a problem with these bugs in your home, call us today to talk about ant control. We can come right out to your commercial or residential property and provide ant control services that will make a big difference immediately. Our products are also friendly for use around children and pets.

Total Pest Solutions offers quality Ant Control in Lake Alfred, Florida and the surrounding areas including Lakeland, Polk County, Winter Haven, Auburndale, Bartow, Haines City & Davenport, FL!