It is important that homeowners in Lakeland, FL find effective bed bug control services to ensure their homes are safe from these very unwanted pests.

Bed Bug ControlBed Bug Control in Lakeland – Bed bugs are tiny, oval-shaped creatures that hide in our mattresses, bed frames, and box springs.  They are the stuff of nightmares, and even the thought of them can give us chills.  Imagine finding one in your home.  And if you do find one, chances are there are many more right behind it.

Bed bugs live off the blood of other creatures, which can mean you, members of your family, and your pets are at risk.  They move easily around your home and breed by laying eggs in bedding.  While this is more than most people want to even think about, it is important that homeowners in Lakeland find effective bed bug control services to ensure their homes are safe from these very unwanted pests.

So how does bed bug control work, and do you really need this service?

Bed bugs can find their way into any home.  Even clean homes are no less at risk for bed bug infestations.  This is because bed bugs can cling to clothing and suitcases, easily moving around and finding their way into your home.  Once they enter your home, they can find their way into the mattress of any family member.  They are small enough to fit through openings the width of a credit card.

Bed bug bites can be identified fairly easily.  If you or members of your family wake with bite marks on exposed skin, you may have a bed bug problem.  Bed bug bites are usually localized, and may appear as a group or in a line pattern.  They may be raised or flat, but they will likely be itchy and red in color.  Most bed bug bites last for about a week or two.  If you are noticing signs of bed bug bites, it is likely time for bed bug control services.

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