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Ant Control, Winter Haven, FLAnt Control in Winter Haven – Winter Haven, FL is home to more than one type of ant, and without a winter season to reduce their numbers, it can be challenging to have effective ant control. At Total Pest Solutions, we have the expertise to not only identify the various types of ants, but also the knowledge of what they feed on and how to kill them. Some ants are problematic to your enjoyment of your outdoor space, while others are intent on causing you grief indoors. With our professional ant control services, your home or business can be much more enjoyable.

Ant control for outdoors will target those ant species that rarely live indoors, as well as those that will come indoors if they get the chance. By taking care of them at their source, we can protect your home from the annoyance of ants, as well as the damage that some can cause. One particularly destructive ant is the carpenter ant. Although they do not eat wood, they do hollow it out in order to nest. They can build an entire colony in your home’s walls, crawl spaces and eaves.

Probably the most hated of all ants that we get calls about ant control for is the dreaded fire ant. The pain you feel from a fire ant is because they not only bite to grasp you, but they also inject you with toxic venom.

Annoying ants that can become an infestation in your home or business are ghost ants and pharaoh ants. Ghost ants love sweets, and pharaoh ants are particularly fond of pet foods, so these two can become quite content in a home’s pantry and become very large colonies.

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