We want to help you avoid costly repairs with our termite control services in Winter Haven, FL.

We’re Making Termite Control Easier And More Effective With Termatrac
One of the scariest parts about having termites in your home is that, in many cases, it’s hard to know they’re even there until they’ve done significant damage.

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Termite Control in Winter Haven – Here in Winter Haven, Florida, we have very diverse wildlife. While it’s not uncommon to hear tales of crocodiles or snakes on the evening news, Florida actually has a much larger problem than giant reptiles lurking in the sewers. That problem is a pesky pest called termites. While they are small, the damage caused by termites can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars. Here at Total Pest Solutions, we want to help you avoid these types of costly repairs with our termite control services.

Termites often are mistaken for other insects, so it is helpful to have an expert exterminator to help you determine which insect is overtaking your home. Often mistaken for flying ants, winged termites can burrow underground and leave a lot of unseen destruction in their wake. Not only can termites be confused for other insects, but there are also multiple types of termites that you should be wary of. Subterranean termites and drywood termites can both cause substantial damage to your home.
Termite Control
Here at Total Pest Solutions, we can help you deal with all types of termites. With our termite control services, we don’t just treat and hope for the best. Our programs come with a full guarantee that your termites will be eradicated and prevented from returning. We understand that some people might be wary of the cost of an inspection, but here at Total Pest Solutions, we offer free inspections for your Winter Haven home. If you suspect that you might have a termite problem, don’t wait to contact us for termite control services today!



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