Nobody likes the presence of pests. Whether at home or work, when we see cockroaches we can’t help but cringe. Much as we dislike these little critters, the more we learn about them the easier it will be to get rid of them. So in this article, we are reviewing 7 facts to help you understand your cockroach infestation.


Cockroaches have had millions of years to evolve

 Not the roach skittering across your floor, but the species in general. These critters have been alive since the time of dinosaurs, and as such have learned to adapt for long-term survival. This includes having large families, and a diverse diet.

Roaches can survive on anything

 As stated above, cockroaches enjoy a highly diverse diet. This is how they are capable of surviving for so long. They can eat basically anything, and while they prefer meats, starches, and sweets, they really aren’t all that picky. Cockroaches will eat just about anything, including grease, soap, wallpaper paste, leather, hair, and books.


Cockroaches can live without food but not water

 While their diet is enormous, cockroaches are capable of surviving without food. Since they are cold-blooded, cockroaches are able to slow their metabolism to the point of surviving a full month without food. Thankfully this isn’t true when it comes to water. Even cockroaches need to drink and can only survive a maximum of two weeks without water, unlike us humans who can only last 3 days.


Headless roaches can live on

 One common myth about cockroaches that isn’t actually a myth, is that decapitated roaches can continue living. Remember the need for water? Roaches can only survive headless for a maximum of two weeks. The reason they can survive at all without their heads is that their brain does not control every bodily function. It is actually the middle of their bodies, the thorax, that acts as a command center.

Drowning a cockroach is harder than it seems

 Did you know roaches can hold their breath for 40 minutes? That’s right, so flushing roaches down the toilet or a drain may not be such a great idea. The opportunity for them to get to safety is ever present.


A single cockroach can populate an area

That’s right. Cockroaches are capable of remaining perpetually pregnant. Just one breeding cycle allows them to store back enough sperm to last them a lifetime. What’s worse, laboratory studies have found some female roaches don’t even need a male to reproduce. So remember, where you see one cockroach you know there will be many.


Cockroaches are experts at hide and seek

 While extreme infestations will see you opening a drawer with cockroaches piling out and skittering away, a normal infestation will have you only catching glimpses of these critters as they skitter about the house. They are nocturnal by nature and are great at finding the perfect hiding places.


Call the experts

 If you see a cockroach in your residential or commercial building, you can be guaranteed that there are a lot more. Don’t hesitate, and don’t try to take on a full-blown infestation on your own. It’s far better to contact our professional team right here at Total Pest Solutions, where our team will work smarter not harder to clean out your infestation.