Are Bed Bugs Lurking in Your Mattress?

//Are Bed Bugs Lurking in Your Mattress?

Are Bed Bugs Lurking in Your Mattress?

Bed bugs are tiny, but nasty parasites that live in your mattress, waiting for an opportunity to suck your blood. Do you wake up in the morning with strange bites? If so, it’s very possible that you are a host for these critters.

However, it’s important to establish if it is actually bed bugs biting you. The reason is that there are different treatments for different parasites. For example, you don’t treat fleas or lice the same way as bed bugs. While they are all difficult to eradicate, they each require unique treatments. Below are some ways to identify bed bugs:

  1. Inspect the Bites– Usually, this is the first symptom. The bites tend to be itchy and red, and are commonly found on the shoulders and/or arms. Also, the bites are typically in a straight line.
  2. Inspect the Bedding– If you see dark spots or red stains on your sheets when you wake up in the morning, this is an indication that bed bugs are present. The red stains are blood, and the dark spots could be several things, including dried blood, shed skin, feces, dead bugs, or eggs. You’ll not only want to examine the tops of the sheets but also inspect along the edges of the mattress seams, as well as where the sheets fit around the mattress.

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