Bees fly among us all summer, collecting pollens and pollinating the many varieties of plants that fill the landscaping around our homes.  They are beneficial and necessary to our environment and ecosystem.  They have a purpose and a job to do and fulfill it undoubtedly.  Often their nests and hives are located out of sight and undisturbed.  However, sometimes they colonize in the eaves of your home or garage, the trees in your garden, or along walkways where they are in plain sight and often disturbed by our daily routines, creating an outdoor nuisance and leaving you the need for bee control.  Although beneficial, we certainly don’t want them buzzing around our homes and families or creating a nuisance when we are trying to enjoy a day outdoors.

When dealing with bee control, our team at Total Pest Solutions can help you “bee” in control.  It is best to hire a professional when dealing with bees, especially ones that have become a nuisance to your outdoor recreation.  There are known to be more than 20,000 species, and dealing with them can be a huge inconvenience and can create a bigger problem if not handled correctly.

At Total Pest Solutions, we evaluate your infestation to determine the best plan for your bee control.  We identify the species of bee you are dealing with and determine the solution that will fit your needs and tackle the best plan for you.  We check back often to ensure that the problem is being resolved and help prevent the problem from re-occurring.    We guarantee our service and have gone above and beyond the expectation of our clients.  Give us a call today to see how we can help you “bee” in control with our bee control services.