How often do hard working individuals walk into the office and feel safe and clean? Almost always. Office workers don’t typically concern themselves with the bugs in the office. They have work to do and leave the pest battle to someone else. However, those bugs have found way to make homes in the unsuspecting place in the office.

Today, we are looking at the most common bugs that pest control experts find in a typical office environment, and where the little pests make their home.

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What Are The Most Common?

Just like a home, an office has common bug issues but on a larger scale. The bugs in the office likely have a larger space to make a home with less dangers in unused areas. These are the top five most common bugs in the office and what attracts them.

  • Ants- Ants are attracted to foods or items that can sustain a queen. They often enter through windows, cracks in seals, and sometimes they just seem to manifest out thin air.
  • Cockroaches- Cockroaches find a home in your office the same way they find a home in your house. There is food and a place to hide. That is all they need.
  • Spiders- Spiders are attracted to the shady corners or vents in the office so that they can catch other bugs.
  • Silverfish- Silverfish are attracted to humid areas. In Florida, that could be anywhere. However, they feed on glue in boxes and books.
  • Mice-Mice are attracted to food sources and will travel through a building to reach it or nest.

Bugs in the office are bad for business. The best practice is always to take actionable steps to prevent a pest issue from affecting a business.

Where Do They Hide?

They are many more bugs in the office that are listed, but what they are attracted to are very similar. Each of these pests need a place to feed and place to nest.

Ants will travel from an outside source into your building in order to find food. They typically don’t hide.

Cockroaches and silverfish nest in areas that contain boxes, like storage closets. However, when the lights go out they travel to their food source. If employees keep food items in their desks or don’t clean up well, they may find these pests in their desks or break room.

Mice could spell an even bigger problem if found in your office. Garbage cans attract rodents, because they are a known food source.  If humans leave food items through the office building or even in one location on a regular basis, it may be attracting mice. This pest can nest in walls or ceilings, multiply quickly, carry diseases and harmful bacteria, and they can travel anywhere in the office.

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