Fire Ant Control: Some Stinging Facts

//Fire Ant Control: Some Stinging Facts

Fire Ant Control: Some Stinging Facts

Fire ants are omnivores – that means they feed on vegetable or animal sources of food – anything from greasy, sweet stuff to meat and seeds. Their typical diet includes honeydew, arthropod eggs, spiders, ticks, earthworms and other insects.

Although they are not native to America, the need for fire ant control has become common throughout the southern parts of the U.S., ranging from California to Florida, and as far north as Virginia and Oklahoma. The red imported fire ant arrived in the country by accident during the 1930s via a cargo shipment.

One common sign that fire ant control is needed is the presence of swarmer and worker ants. Other indications are their distinctive earthen mounds, which are typically more visible after rainfall, as well as complaints by people that they have been stung.

For most humans, fire ant stings are painful,and for some, fatal. If anyone has a severe reaction that includes nausea, excessive itching or sweating, seek emergency medical assistance right away. The venom is extremely irritating to humans and causes inflamed bumps with white pustules, which can lead to permanent scarring. Just one colony of fire ants can contain as many as 100,000 to 500,000 inhabitants, thereby increasing the possibility of multiple stings being inflicted.

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