Your landscaping as a whole depends on the successful interaction of the various parts. Taking into account the location of the drives, walkways, porches and patios will help you to balance the trees or shrubs as well as the spaces of open lawn. While proper lawn care may be easier for some to succeed at, proper care of shrubs is just as important and sometimes significantly more difficult. Proper shrub care will consider the age of the shrub, the species, and the shrub’s place in your landscaping.

Depending on the type of shrub, a different quest might be in order. Different insects might target your shrubs as a good home or food source. Proper plant nutrition combined with granular or sprayed insecticide can eliminate these pests, but it’s important to remember the many beneficial insects that can form mutually beneficial symbiotic relationships with your shrubs.

Pruning can be another effective part of your overall shrub care strategy. The timing of pruning and what type of pruning to perform on the shrub depend on the species, the age of the planting, and what other plantings or structures are nearby.

At Total Pest Solutions, we realize that solving your pest problems often relates to the health and hardiness of your lawn, shrubs, and trees. We offer full-service lawn and shrub care in order to provide you with the highest quality green space around your home or business. We know the best ways to help you get the most from your entire yard.