Getting the Most for Your Dollar: Indoor & Outdoor Pest Control

//Getting the Most for Your Dollar: Indoor & Outdoor Pest Control

Getting the Most for Your Dollar: Indoor & Outdoor Pest Control

Indoor & outdoor pest control are like peanut butter and jelly: they complement each other for a result that is more than the sum of its parts. Having a single strategy that extends from the center of your home to the edge of your property will ensure that you spend less in the long run and achieve better and more complete results.

If you’re currently facing unwanted tenants in your home, dealing with and eliminating these pests will become top priority. Starting from the center of your home is important to indoor & outdoor pest control. Depending on the type of pest, you’ll want to identify the point of entry and seal it against further intrusions. There may, of course, be multiple entry points, so a professional inspection is never a bad idea. Eliminating any sources of food or easy access to food is another important step. Without food, anyone left still inside will see the greener grass on the other side and get moving. You’ll also want to repair any damage that might have been caused in the interim.

Moving outdoors, we look to other sources of food and housing for unwanted pests. You can check again for points of entry from the outside and seal them at both ends. A perimeter of treatment of complementary forms can also deter future potential pests, and certain plants naturally deter certain species.

At Total Pest Solutions, we want to provide you with the best indoor & outdoor pest control possible. Let our friendly professionals help you today!

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