Health Issues from Cockroaches

//Health Issues from Cockroaches

Health Issues from Cockroaches

There are many reasons why owners should eliminate cockroaches immediately from their home or business. For one, they are ugly creatures that often scare people as they crawl out of seemingly nowhere. For another, those who see them typically associate their presence with buildings that are dirty and unclean.

But, by far the most compelling reason is the potential disease that they may expose people to as they scamper about, seeking food and leaving their various secretions and wastes behind.It is imperative that individuals who spot these insects act quickly, because unfortunately where there is one, there are often many, many more nearby.

Bacterial Disease

Studies have shown that cockroaches may carry more parasites than houseflies and can expose people to over 30 different types of bacteria. Impressively, bacteria survive within the digestive tract of a cockroach for as long as a month, sometimes longer, and the feces they leave behind can successfully harbor microbes for years.

The cockroaches pickup these bacteria while they feast on infested foods, crawl around toilets, or explore sewers. They then move on, coming into contact with other food sources, food prep surfaces, or utensils and thereby transfer the microorganisms on to humans. The sicknesses that result can be severe; those infected may go on to develop life-threatening complications.


As they scurry about, cockroaches may also pick up parasitic eggs and cysts. Among these are the eggs of roundworms, hookworms, whip worms, and pin worms. They then deposit these throughout their future travels, whether it’s across a table, along a countertop, or within a pantry.


Scientists have isolated multiple varieties of fungi upon the cockroach, including Candida, Aspergillus, and Penicillium. Candida is responsible for a majority of fungal-based infections worldwide. Aspergillus may lead to diseases of the lungs or other organs.Because most fungi were present on the cockroach’s body surface, this suggests that they easily contaminate anything that they walk across, brush against, or come into physical contact with in any way.


Cockroaches may be carriers of viruses such as poliomyelitis, or polio. Those infected with this disease may be asymptomatic or, in more severe cases, experience both paralysis and eventual death.


Roaches have been found to trigger asthma attacks in susceptible individuals who breathe in proteins from their bodies. In fact, over half of the individuals who have asthma in urban and inner-city regions show sensitivity to cockroach parts. Some people react to physical contact with the pests’ skin, saliva, or feces as well which may cause a rash, swelling, itching or other form of allergic reaction.

Cockroach Extermination

Cockroaches are, unfortunately, extremely common. They are hardy creatures that have survived on earth for hundreds of millions of years and can live as long as a month without water and several months without food. For these reasons, to eliminate these hardy pests successfully, you will need a professional’s help. Find out if you live within a service area and protect yourself, your family, or your customers from disease.

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