Hot spot solutions are necessary for unsightly balding in your yard. These patches of dead or dying grass can leave your whole yard looking unhealthy. Yet, these seemingly sporadic areas of death can actually tell you a lot about your yard. But, what causes these ugly Brown patches in your yard and how can you prevent them?  In today’s article, we’ll be looking at what causes the patches and hot spot solutions that you can use today.

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Spot The Hot Spots

Hotspots are often not isolated. Dry patches or bald spots can be found all over the property. Before you can begin a hotspot solution, you have to do a little investigating. Walk through your yard and look over the hotspots at you see. Look for insects, pet droppings, or foreign material. Likewise, take note if any of the hot spots have grown larger. The presence of these and other containments maybe the cause for your hot spots.  A general lack of moisture in an area may also lead to a hot spot.

Identifying the cause

What were the results of your investigation? The results will determine the hot spot solution or solutions that you need to take action. While each one leaves a similar mark on your lawn, these pests or issues need individualized treatment.

Insects and grubs

Insects and grubs can eat away at the vegetation and overall health of your yard. As they reproduce, the size of the hotspot may grow larger leaving nothing but a withered dry patch behind them. The true issue may exist below the soil with the larvae. You will notice root damage where the larvae feed. Standard pest control lawn spray should remove the pest problem.

Dry patches

Dry patches are often caused from not being watered enough. Your irrigation system may need some maintenance or fine-tuning to prevent future patches. Sprinklers heads come in many variations in order for you to customize the jets for your needs. Talk with your irrigation specialist today for a personalized maintenance review.

Disease or fungi

Diseases or fungus are signs of danger in your yard. Ordinarily, a yard has plenty of drainage or is watered in conjunction with the weather. When you monitor the amount of moisture in the soil you can prevent disease or fungi. Depending on the disease or fungi present in your yard, the patch may need special treatment or removal. However, most grasses can handle the seasonal fungal issues that appear. The problem may resolve on its own.

Pet messes

Pet messes such as urine and feces can cause hotspots in your yard. If this is true, the patches are most likely small, isolated although sporadic. There may not be anything you can do to prevent these types of patches. However, it is usually caused by chemical increases in urine concentration.

Oil or gas spills

Oil or gas spills can cause permanent dead patches in your yard. Namely, oil will seep into the soil destroying the root system and compromising the soil. If you are facing a heavy mechanical oil spill in your yard, hot spot solutions may be limited. A quick fix is to remove the contaminated soil and lay a new piece of sod.

Hot Spot Solutions

Repairing hotspots isn’t as difficult as identifying causes. In some cases, a layer of fresh compost and seeding can be placed on the hot spot after treatment. In just a couple weeks, grass should reappear within hot spot to identify healthy new growth. Other hot spot solutions include removing the patch and laying a new patch of sod. Ensure that each new patch has a healthy amount of water to stay fertile. Your lawn maintenance plan should include a pest control to keep your yard pest and disease free.

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