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How to Find Wasp Nests

With summer coming to a close, are you still seeing wasps? If you notice an increase in wasps flying around, chances are they aren’t just passing through. They may have built a nest, and you might be missing it. Wasps are unwelcome guests at any home. They kill helpful local insects and aggressively chase anybody who gets near. If you suspect there’s a nest, how can you locate it? Where are some of the places you can find wasp nests?

In this article, we’ll teach you how to both find and avoid nests while you wait for help to arrive.

Why Remove Wasp Nests?

There’s a school of thought out there that as long as you leave wasps alone, you “don’t poke the hornet’s nest,” it’s okay. This isn’t true. Not only do many species of wasps cause damage to your home, but they are fiercely territorial. As autumn approaches, they get even more aggressive. During the summer, wasps build nests. In the fall, they fatten up on fermenting fruits and sugars.

Fermented fruit has a similar effect on wasps as humans: They get drunk. If you find wasps on a fallen apple or old food, stay away: They’re angry drunks. They have nothing else to do but eat and get fat now the nest is complete; they lash out at anything nearby.

How to Find Wasp Nests

In everyday situations, you can find wasp nests in trees, on the edges of rooftops, and near sheds and garages. They don’t like places that are frequently traveled – To their credit, they try to stay out of the way. Sometimes, you might find them in the attic or walls.

If you see a lot of wasps, you should locate the nest as soon as possible. You can still die from being stung too many times if you aren’t allergic. To find a wasp nest, don’t look for the nest itself. Look for the wasps. Follow where they fly; if you see them coming in and out of a single space, there is. Often, you don’t even need to verify the nest’s presence. You are just seeing that activity can be enough.

Please don’t go near it. Instead, figure out what kind of nest it is.

What Kinds of Nests Do Wasps Build?

There are several species and types of wasp. They each have distinct, easily identifiable nests. The easiest way to differentiate between them is where they put their nests.

  • If the wasps are coming out of a hole in the ground, a building crack, or a hole in a tree, they’re likely yellow jackets. These nests can have up to two thousand wasps.
  • If the nest is exposed and has a waxy, papery appearance, you’re looking at hornets. The nest may be the size of a football and pointed like one.
  • Paper wasps, like hornets, build waxy, papery nests. These nests hang from a “stem” at the top of the nest and may resemble an umbrella. These nests aren’t covered.

Whatever kind of nest you have, don’t hesitate to call a professional. Wasps are dangerous – For you and your family. A professional service is the only way to remove a nest and keep it from returning safely.

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