While some people are interested in bugs, most people would agree that we won’t them as far as possible from our home and that they just don’t simply belong in a house. Not only do they create tons of unsanitary surfaces, but also they are annoying. There are more than 10 quintillion bugs in the world, so sometimes insect proofing a home can see a little bit like a losing battle. However, by understanding what attracts bugs to your home and making changes that  will help get rid of them for good. Read on to learn all about insect proofing a home, from the outside moving in.

Keep Your Yard Clean

This might seem like a very small thing, but it is a very good habit. If you keep the grass clippings and fallen leaves out your yard, it will helps with insect proofing your home. Make sure to keep these types of debris picked up around the foundation of your home also. Yard maintenance will have a large impact on bug infestations, especially pertaining to mosquitos and fleas. Mosquitos need a water supply to breed, so if you keep the leaves and grass clipping picked up it removes the chance for pooled water.

Seal Your Entryways

This is a big part of keeping bugs out. A properly sealed door can help keep unwanted pests out. Inspect your doors and windows carefully. You’ll likely see a number of unsealed gaps. Each of these gaps create an entrance for pests. Windows, vents, and chimneys are some of the spots that are easiest for bugs to enter through. Repair anything that creates a possible entrance like a torn window screen, loose weather stripping or a door that is crooked. I know windows are typically left open to help with ventilation by many homeowners, but this creates some huge entryways for bugs such as ants, mosquitos, fleas and other pests. You can still leave windows and doors open, but you should get 20-mesh or finer screen. This will keep out common household pests.

Bugs Aren’t Dinner Guests

To keep bugs form making themselves at home, clutter should be picked up and eliminate all sources of unprotected food and water. Without these resources, bugs will move on from your house to someone else’s. These resources are necessary for bugs to make it. Piles of newspaper or in a packed cupboard, those are some great breeding ground for insects and there could be hundreds of them before they’re discovered. By that time, they’re going to be everywhere. Keep the clutter minimized, and put an end to a future infestation before it even starts.

Trash Your Trash

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or so they say. Trash cans are a huge magnet for bugs and are gourmet meals for them. Proper storage and handling of your trash are critical in the fight against home invaders. Make sure food isn’t thrown away in waste baskets around your hose. Centralize all food waste in the kitchen. Trash should have a lid on it all the time and you should try to empty it every night. Exterior trash cans need self-closing lids and should be properly sealed. All interior and exterior trash cans should be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

In Conclusion

These tips should help you insect-proof your house from the outside in. These tips will help you live a less stressful life. Bugs are not something we would like to have to be seeing throughout our house on the daily.