Lawn Care Services: Lean, Mean & Green

//Lawn Care Services: Lean, Mean & Green

Lawn Care Services: Lean, Mean & Green

One of the most important aspects of curb appeal in a home is the landscaping, especially the lawn. A lush, verdant expanse of lawn welcomes visitors – not to mention friends and family – in a way that no other improvement to your home could accomplish. Unfortunately, maintaining your lawn in peak form can take time you’d rather be spending with your family, perhaps enjoying that same green space.

The warm climate of Florida can also make your lawn a haven for insects, including ants, fire ants, fleas, termites, and ticks. These pests can cause damage to the lawn, bushes, trees, and other landscaping you might have in your home, not to mention the weeds that can grow in any space where the lawn hasn’t fully taken hold. In order to protect your home against these unwanted intruders and to ensure a lush carpet of green, professional lawn care services save you the time and stress.

At Total Pest Solutions, our lawn care services aim to make your lawn not only green and full, but an effective extension of your home. We understand the specific and unique requirements of lawns in Florida, and how to keep the various unwanted pests that might want to call your lawn home from feeling welcome or moving in. We time our fertilization and pest control solutions to the proper time of year, ensuring that the treatments get you the most green for your hard-earned green. We’re specially trained to look for whatever might be ailing your lawn, and want to work with you to make sure your lawn stays as green and healthy as possible between treatments. Give us a call and try our lawn care services today!

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