Maintaining a healthy lawn is often about more than just mowing your grass each week. It can take planning and practice to get your lawn looking its best all year long. So, when you notice that you have unwanted bugs and pests strolling around your yard, you may be wondering what you can do to take back your outdoor living space. What you may not have considered is that lawn & shrub care requires more than just clipping the grass – it also involves active pest control measures that keep your lawn looking great and keep you satisfied with the results.

A good start with lawn & shrub care is weed control because it helps minimize active habitats for pesky bugs. In reality, most outdoor pests reside in your shrubs and in the trees, not necessarily in the grass, so taking active measures to remove their home environment will also help to reduce their spread. Additionally, using the right fertilizer throughout the year can actually encourage healthy grass while discouraging pests. As a natural form of pest control, fertilizer used correctly could be your best bet when you want to spend the perfect summer evening enjoying your lawn.

At Total Pest Solutions, we are equipped to assist you with lawn & shrub care, so you aren’t left guessing about your outdoor areas at your home or business. Let us take care of the pests, so you can get back to your regular routine. If you have questions about our lawn care services or how you can take control of your yard, give us a call today for more information. We look forward to talking with you!