As annoying as these particular critters are, they actually do have quite a few interesting facts about them. Aside from the normal facts that mosquito females are the ones who bite and that dark clothing attracts them, the mosquito has an extensive history that many of us just are not aware of. So in this article, we are going to throw some facts your way about the mosquito.

The Meaning Of The Word Mosquito

Did you know that mosquito means “little fly” in Spanish? The name for these pesky insects originated in the early 16th century. While the US uses this term, other countries such as Africa, Australia, and New Zealand often call mosquitoes “mozzies.”

Florida Has The Second Highest Species Count

Right here in Florida, there are approximately 80 known species of mosquito, with Texas having the highest at 85 species. With the warm weather being the most ideal conditions for these pests, it’s no wonder they enjoy the southern states. Meanwhile, mountainous states like West Virginia only have about 26 species of mosquito.

Jurassic Park Didn’t Lie About The Mosquito Existence

That’s right, the part about the mosquito in the infamous movie Jurassic Park was actually accurate! Mosquitoes have been around since the Jurassic period, making them around 210 million years old. Mosquitoes have been pests for a long time, even earning a mention in works of Aristotle in 300 B.C and in the writings from Sidonius Apollinaris in 467 B.C

3,500 Species Of Mosquitoes Have Been Identified

As awful as it may seem, not all 3,500 species are within the United States. In fact, only about 175 of this number is in the US with the Asian tiger mosquito being the most common.

Crane Flies and Midges Are Commonly Mistaken For Mosquitoes

Since some midges like to bite, they are often mistaken to be mosquitoes themselves. However, midges are smaller than the mosquito, with shorter wings. They also tend to feed in swarms while mosquitoes don’t particularly form groups for feeding. A mosquito trap will more often than not, catch more midges than mosquitoes. The crane flies, on the other hand, are significantly larger than mosquitoes and don’t bite. These critters can measure up to 1 ½ inch long.

Mosquitoes Like To Fly Low

The typical mosquito flies below 25 feet, allowing them to locate their food sources. Males tend to go for flower nectar and fruit, and when it’s time to lay eggs, the females will go for mammals for a blood meal. Some species of mosquito have been found at exceptional heights, such as the ones in the Himalayas which are approximately 8,000 feet up.

Mosquitoes Don’t Care What Time Of Day It Is

Different Species of mosquito will bite at different times of the day. While others don’t really care and will bite whenever they are awake and their food source is nearby. Species such as the Aedes will solely bite during the daylight hours, while other species such as the Culex will wait until dusk then continues for a few hours.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, mosquitoes can be a real pain to deal with. So if you’re finding you have an excessive amount of these pests around your home, then give us a call right here at Total Pest Solutions, where we will evaluate your home and help you to reduce the mosquito population so you can enjoy the outdoors in peace.