Preserve Your Palm Tree with 3 Life-Saving Palm Care Tips

//Preserve Your Palm Tree with 3 Life-Saving Palm Care Tips

Preserve Your Palm Tree with 3 Life-Saving Palm Care Tips

Palm trees are beautiful and add a fun tropical touch to your yard.  They are easy to care for, but also have a balance that needs careful care to continue to thrive.  With our 3 palm care life-saving tips, you’ll know that your palm is well taken care of and can be a beautiful addition to your landscaping.

1.Keep your soil moist and well drained.   It is as easy to over-water your palm as it is to under-water it.  If you notice leaves turning brown or yellow in color, it is generally a good indication that you need to evaluate your watering.  Ensuring that the ground stays moist, but has good drainage, is a key life-saving tip to palm care that will keep your palm looking its best.

2.Know when and where to fertilize.  Another great tip that ensures good palm care is to fertilize your palm correctly.  The roots and trunk of your palm are extremely sensitive.  Your palm is designed to ward off pests and bugs, but putting fertilizer on the roots when planting kills the delicate roots, and putting it against the trunk burns it, making it difficult to maintain its bug resistance.  Your palm needs good fertilization 4-5 times per year, especially during the hottest parts of the season.  Keep fertilizer a good 2 feet away from the trunk and skip the fertilizer when planting.  This will help give your tree the nutrients it needs without damaging it.

3.Prune leaves sparingly.  It is a tendency to prune your palm at the first sight of a brown leaf.  Your palm actually needs the nutrients from those dying leaves for new growth.  Wait until the leaves die completely and dry before removing them.  This will give your palm the time it needs to regenerate.

Keeping your palm in good care by following these simple tips will be a real life-saver.  Whenever questions about your palm care arise, give us a call at Total Pest Solutions. We are ready to help you save the life of your palm and ensure it remains a beautiful addition to your landscaping.

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