The term “keeping up with the Joneses” usually refers to always desiring better things than what your neighbor has. This hype is generally frowned upon in society. However, when it comes to having a nice lawn free from pests and weeds, such a phrase takes on a new meaning. What’s so wrong with having just a nice of a lawn as your neighbors? It’s not just about appearances either. When you have a lush, green lawn, you stay out longer, plan more activities with your family, and hold social events with friends outside. There’s something comforting in having a nice lawn.

“How can I improve my yard?”

Not only do we handle pest control, but at Total Pest Solutions, we also handle lawn care. Our lawn care services ensure that we remove pests and weeds from your yard first. We apply fertilizer catered to the type of grass which grows, with additional fertilizer applications during the year to secure a green, lush yard year-round. Seasons change, meaning that the nutrients will change in the earth – giving it an extra boost will ensure that your lawn continues to grow while preventing the appearance of weeds and pests. As part of our lawn care services, we also give you instructions on water care as well as feedback so you have the knowledge on how to continue to care for your lawn, and it will continue to flourish. In addition to lawn care, we also offer weed control, shrub care, and pest control. Give us a call today to find out more!