You’ve heard the saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side,” but did you know that it could be referring to YOUR grass?  With a little bit of know-how and education, and help from our lawn care services at Total Pest Solutions, your grass can be greener than anyone else’s!

We understand that each yard is different and that different types of lawns require different types of services.  Our dedicated staff has the knowledge and training necessary to ensure that your lawn gets the correct fertilization at the right time of year to help you eliminate weeds, mold and fungi; resist drought as well as insect invasion; and help control pests in your yard.  Our services give you the lawn you love with less maintenance on your part, so you can enjoy your grass all year without the fuss of constant maintenance.  We educate you on the correct watering schedule and care that will ensure that you maintain that lush green lawn that everyone yearns for.

Our lawn care services help you maintain that lush green grass that you love and enjoy.  We know that there’s nothing like a fine summer day with family and friends outdoors.  You don’t want those summer memories to pass you by because your grass wasn’t green.  When you call us today and take advantage of our lawn care services, you can rest assured that those summer days will be enjoyed on your lush green lawn, where the grass is always greener.