Weed control services in Lakeland, Florida require the professionalism and diligence that we are proud to offer. We know that St. Augustine lawns in the sunshine state are susceptible to many types of weeds, including clover, goosegrass, signalgrass, crabgrass, dollarweed, and more.

The key to maintaining a healthy and green St. Augustine lawn is to find the perfect blend of potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, and other nutrients. Some companies use the cookie-cutter approach, but we take the extra time and effort to carefully assess every lawn we service, and then formulate a customized solution.

It is this kind of personal attention to grass care and weed control that has made us one of the best-known companies in the state. Our reputation for meticulous attention to detail has spread far and wide. And when it comes to weed control, we don’t simply spray your grass and call it good. No, we attack from every angle!

It’s no secret – the key to weed control is a healthy root system. Anyone who has tried the DIY approach to keeping St. Augustine lawns healthy, especially during summer when growth is high, knows that it requires a reservoir of knowledge and real commitment to achieve a thick, green carpet of grass in Florida. That’s where we come in with our unrivaled weed control services.

At Total Pest Solutions, we offer the most technologically advanced and convenient residential and commercial weed services available today. Our treatments are odorless and pet-friendly. For a free estimate in the Lakeland, Florida area, please contact us.