Tips for Preventing Termites

//Tips for Preventing Termites

Tips for Preventing Termites

Termites are definitely one of those things that it is better to prevent against than deal with an infestation later. When they begin a new colony in your home, it doesn’t take them long to create serious damage, even structural failure. It can take them a scant six months to create huge headaches, and they can literally chew a house to destruction if left unabated for a couple of years.

Termite colonies use the springtime to develop winged versions that swarm to locate a new mate and start a new colony. This is when your home is at greatest risk. Here are a few of the ways they will access your home that you can concentrate on and thereby create a fortress to avoid their entry.

  • Roof – If you have broken tiles or missing shingles, there is a fair amount of moisture in that area, which is enticing to termites and gives them the opening they are looking for. Inspect your roof each year and make repairs promptly to prevent termites. You should also inspect the attic because this is a prime place they’ll camp out and can often go unnoticed until it is too late.
  • Wood – Check the wood in your home for termite damage, so you can get a jump on taking care of a termite infestation to prevent additional damage. Look for moisture issues and soft spots. Also check wooden furniture that is being stored. It is best not to store them against walls. This goes for your wood furniture that is in use, as well.
  • Boxes – Termites do not just eat wood. They find cardboard boxes, paper, and even photos to be tasty meals, as well. When storing items in your attic, it is best to utilize plastic storage containers that seal well. Oddly enough, termites will also munch on some clothing materials, such as cotton, which contains cellulose.
  • Moisture – Take care of any leaks in your home as soon as possible, as termites are attracted to moisture and damp areas.
  • Inspect – Performing frequent inspections to catch termite problems early is your best defense. Check anything that is wood or a wood product, such as doors, cupboards, cabinets, furniture, baseboards, fencing, decks, wood stacked by your home, and your landscaping. If you have a dead tree, you should get it removed, including the stump.
  • Pest Control – Above all else, call for preventative pest control for termites.

At Total Pest Solutions, we know a thing or two about termites in Polk County, Florida and how to protect your home. We can help you prevent both drywood termites and subterranean species. Your home is your biggest investment, so protect it from the devastating damage that termites can do.

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